20 September 2019
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences 2019 – in Trieste from 16 to 18 October – is the main meeting point for all those interested in the subjects of Life Sciences. Innova Partners S.p.A. supports the event and presents the advanced prototypes of their devices and a seminar on the Agile Research Framework methodology.

Health-related innovations are among the key elements that influence the progress of man, the environment in which he lives and his own well-being. Talking about health does not mean simply talking about investments and costs, but about an absolute value that sees the basic elements and growth in technological innovation and scientific research. Meet in Italy for Life Sciences (#MIT4LS2019) wants to be the showcase of the national excellence of the sector and a moment of comparison with the main international partners. The organization of the event is attended by representatives of the territorial systems and of the main representative associations of companies in the reference sectors.

Innova Partners S.p.A. presents the advanced prototypes of its medical devices at its stand: Tucano, for home incontinence and constipation therapy, and Lynx, for pacemaker monitoring. On Thursday 17 October, in the Mediterranean room, at 12.00 a workshop will be presented by the CEO of the company: “Does risk-taking really lead to success? That depends.” The advantages of the Agile Research Framework methodology, a rigorous research model, Just in Time and of correct dimensions, which tries to minimize the burden while maximizing the value of the research process and the results for the interested parties, will be illustrated. Advantages that for companies are: risk reduction, improvement of product time-to-market and maximum investment efficiency.

Innova Partners is an innovative start-up established in 2018 in the form of a joint-stock company by an enlarged team of shareholders, so much so as to actually represent a “public company” even if not yet a public rated company. Members who have invested in Innova Partners pursue the purposes of Socially Responsible Investing (SRI).
The company proposes itself as a specialized organization that fills the empty space between Industry and Research by drawing on different sources of funding. The business idea consists in selecting embryonic technologies from the world of research, acquiring their rights in whole or in part, then applying their own original production process to perfect them up to a degree of TRL7 and finally bringing them to the industry as a smart intellectual property, ready to be transformed into a product.
The company’s production process follows the time-resources equation and the “build-measure-learn” cycle of the Lean methodology, the aim is to be able to treat Research as a normal industrial process. This know-how is formalized in the exclusive model called the Agile Research Framework, at the end of the first half of 2019, more than fifty intellectual property products are underway with the Agile Research Framework

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