Project Tucano realized by Innova Partners

26 June 2019
New incentive, Notice
European Union

Thanks to Campania Region help, Innova Partners S.p.A. completed the development of the research project Tucano, a medical device, designed for home treatment of costipation and incontinence.

Recent studies show that, on a global basis, about 10% of the population struggles with constipation, for the major part in industrialized countries, where bad behavioral and eating habits are more spread.

In Italy, including only people aware of having this problem, about the 17% of the total population ( 1 italian on 6 ), is subject to this condition.

Tucano is a rehabilitative, innovative medical device, that offers a solution to the daily discomfort of people affected by chronic incontinence or costipation, both in the cases that they have lost, or not yet lost, their pelvic apparatus control. Complex clinical devices, already exist on the market, but Tucano is a simple product, designed for home usage, designed to help the patient regain control of his/her physiological needs.

It is important to say that Tucano was not conceived to be a palliative treatment, but to ba an actual and concrete response to the problem, in order to ensure a regular and more peaceful everyday life to people who face these conditions.

This device, that can be used through prescription and monitoring of the patient’s doctor, in addition to the benefits of its therapy, generates two more silver linings:

  • reduce the number of hospitalized patients, to only those who strictly have the need of it
  • make the therapy more comfortable, giving the patient the possibility to do it at their own home

Thanks to Notice Asse 1 –Research and Innovation Specific Objective 1.1 “Increment of companies innovation activity” Notice for the support of Campania Region companies in making feasibility studies (Phase 1) and Technologica Transfer projects (Phase 2) coherent with RIS3 – we have been able to develop a 2° level Tucano, and make a functioning prototype of it, to bring at our industrial partners attention ( medical device companies). The medical devices field, is a very heterogeneous, innovative and constantly evolving field, it is strategic ( in the sense that the attention toward a product/service matches the attention for social health problems) and inclusive (many theoretical and scientific topics are involved).


Below some photos from the development of the Tucano device



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