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97 Rigel
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Industrial IoT Machine to Machine waste management
Technology readiness level 8

RIGEL by Flugantia is an Industrial IoT technological solution composed of hardware, firmware, and cloud-based software. The application enables the management of waste container movements, falling within the scenarios for the European Green Deal outlined by the European Environment Agency. Additionally, RIGEL is one of the complementary enabling Industry 4.0 technologies established by the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE), as it provides digital platforms and applications for the management and coordination of logistics with high levels of integration of service activities.

The RIGEL project was born from the collaboration of the DIETI and DICMAPI departments and DII of the University of Federico II, after studying the use case of B.Energy S.p.A. The solution allows the collection of data of different natures in the field, their processing, and representation in different modes. In particular, RIGEL provides the prediction of the filling level of each container by estimating the date on which the container will have reached its capacity limit, in order to plan the right collection times. The system is also capable of continuous learning thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models. In addition to this, RIGEL offers monitoring of unauthorized transport and/or movement, identification, geolocation, and geo-fencing of the container, with the situation represented in real-time on a web platform. Relevant data is recorded on the blockchain, offering greater security and transparency.

RIGEL is specialized for roll-of containers but can be easily converted with few modifications to serve the logistics of residential waste and/or other similar civil and industrial sectors. The system and IoT platform integrate well with Urban Mobility platforms in order to provide services for municipalities.

After six months of demonstrating the prototype system in an operational environment, RIGEL is a complete and qualified system, ready for production and commercialization. The project was co-financed by MedITech 4.0 – Mediterranean Competence Centre 4 Innovation, with a total investment of over 400 thousand euros.

Advantages: controls and tracks the container, measures its fill level, and predicts the collection date. Low ownership cost, global connectivity, large set of collected data. Reduces carbon footprint, increases business efficiency, and reduces overall costs. Improves compliance with regulations.

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