Innova Partners at Paris Expo “Viva Technology 2019″

27 May 2019

Viva Technology’s mission, is to create a network between over 6.000 startups, and the biggest investors, companies and high level technology leaders, from all over the world.

Just near the stage dedicated to the CEO’s and their speeches, an entire area was reserved to southern italy startups, a decision frome the expo management, that finally brings recognition to the rich heritage, formed by southern italian new enterprises.
Among them there is Innova Partners S.p.A. , an innovative  start-up, but of uncommon origins. Born, as a matter of fact, from a large union of partners, Innova Partners was since then a de facto public company, though not going on stock exchanges.

The company assets are held by key managers and entrepreneurs highly qualified in both academic and industrial scopes, governance is based in a board of directors of five members, and on the support of technologic/scientific committee.

Innova Partners proposes herself as a specialized organization, capable of filling the void between Industry and Research, taking advantage of various financing sources.

The business idea, is to discover and select embrional technologies from the scientific research world, partially or totally acquire the relative patents, and then, thanks to an original productive process upgrade them to a TRL7 degree, capable of be brought to industry world, where an original idea ends its voyage, becoming a smart intellectual property, and finally, a real product.

Antonella Formisano, Company Director, said with great satisfaction: “UE is the real inner market in our eyes. Here in Paris, we encountered great interest for Lince, a prototype of a contactless device, built for peacemakers monitoring”.

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