Are you a researcher?

The “Death Valley”

All the researchers know the “Valley of Death”, that stall point where science risks not translating into products and services rendered to the market, the invention risks not becoming innovation.

In a nutshell, our mission is: to prevent good research from ending in this stall point.

We focus on the potential consumer of the invention and on the technological domain, conducting preliminary market research and performing competitive analyzes, always maintaining a close involvement of the industry and connecting different sources of funding.
We work using the Lean method with principles borrowed from the scientific method, to do this we have developed an exclusive working method that we call the Agile Research Framework.

What Flugantia Can Do

We think that a team and its invention are the result of a unique and original story. This is also why we do not have a strict collaboration procedure with researchers but we prefer to discover together the best path for each one. We employ the Lean methodology with principles borrowed from the scientific method – we call our Agile Research Framework work process – there are always five steps at the beginning.

  1. Exchange of information on invention between researchers and Flugantia;
  2. First feedback given to researchers, if this is positive, it goes on;
  3. Our team produces the project file which also includes a Lean Business Plan up to TRL7;
  4. Examination and decision of the Flugantia executive sponsor, if this is positive it goes ahead;
  5. Flugantia proposes to the Research team and the owner of the intellectual property a first agreement for making together a suitable Market-Solution Fit path to verify the hypotheses formulated in the business model and define a profitable pre-competitive development roadmap of the invention.

If the first path will be successfully completed and within the estimated time and costs, then on the basis of the evidence gathered we can decide together the next step that will take us on the market.

Let’s talk about it

Are you a researcher and have you developed a new technology?
Have you made a prototype that demonstrates the technology and its function in the laboratory?
If you can answer in the affirmative, then you are about to venture into the “Valley of Death”, if you want we could make the road together.
Let’s talk about it soon.