Project: 01 Tucano

01 Tucano
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medical devices medtech patient empowerment
Technology readiness level 4

A patented medical device, designed home usage, to help incontinence and costipation treatment. It assists the rehabilitation of the muscles composing the pelvic floor. A “Professional” version, made for specialists, is also available, capable of internet connection to the patients “Home” models, using a master / slave configuration.

Benefits: resolutive, accessible, no contraindications, both sexes can use it.

Application: product sale in pharmacies/drug stores for incontinence and costipation treatment.

☼ A prototype has been tested in controlled operative situations.

Project cofinanced by POR Campania FESR 2014-2020.
“Tucano. Sviluppo e validazione di un dispositivo medico-riabilitativo che cura con l’ausilio dell’ICT”.

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