Project: 82 Eridano

82 Eridano
Available for licensing-out
environmental health new materials
Technology readiness level 1

An hybrid material, result of the combination of natural raw materials, featuring hydrophobic qualities. In compliance with the ISO 5660 regulation, it is also non-combustible. It is compatible with all types of glue, or every material normally used with concrete.

In its fluid state, this material has a good adhesion property to various substratums, like tuff, bricks and concrete. Depending on your need, its density can vary between 0,25 g/cm³ and or over 0,8 g/cm³. Resists compression strenght over 10 MPa. It can be easily shaped, cut, cast in siliconic or plastic molds.

Its productive process is eco-friendly, and can be disposed of as inhert waste. An alternative version of the product, with a flying ashes presence percentage over 60%.

Benefits: highly resistant, non-combustible and hydrophobic. Simple, low-cost and eco-friendly creation process.

Applications: community and home furniture, caravan and nautical furniture, internal/external construction industry, internal/external objects creation.

☼ A prototype has been tested in controlled operative situations. Productive process testing are being made.

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